At Moracle, we have been hosting regular, weekly webinars for many months now.

Our ‘Wednesday Webinars’ have proven to be a great success. Every week we invite our staff, clients and associates along to our platform to discuss and debate a wide variety of topical issues.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Moracle believes that such platforms are more important now than ever before. They have enabled us to maintain regular contact with a wide variety of individuals, businesses and charities and provide the opportunity for valuable discussions to take place.

Please find below a list of our most recent speakers who have presented to us on a wide variety of topics.

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13th April 2022: Miriam Obo-Anderson ACCA, Moracle Africa – ‘Communication for Professional Success’
23rd March 2022: Foday Sandy, The Betts Firm – ‘The Need for Financial Education Amongst Millennials/Gen-Z’
2nd March 2022: Elli Tanha, Ellitan’s Masterkey Ltd – ‘Gratitude Changed My Life’
Yewande Rolph
16th February 2022: Yewande Rolph, Natural Fragrance Company Ltd – ‘The Benefits of Restful Hand Massage’
19th January 2022: Miriam Obo-Anderson ACCA, Moracle Africa – ‘The Power of Connections’
12th January 2022: Sharon Critchlow, Discover Your Bounce – ‘Emotional Intelligence’
15th December 2021: Morlai Kargbo FCCA, Moracle Ltd – ‘Moracle Commitments to our Clients’
8th December 2021: Miriam Obo-Anderson ACCA, Moracle Africa – ‘Women in Accountancy – Association of Women Accountants in Ghana’
Morlai Kargbo on the radio
1st December 2021: Morlai Kargbo FCCA, Moracle Ltd – ‘Moracle Q&A’
Morlai Kargbo sitting in a chair
24th November: Morlai Kargbo FCCA, Moracle Ltd
17th November: Albert Bass, Moracle Ltd – ‘Your Tax Return’
10th November 2021: Alicia Phillips, Phillips Caribbean Marketing Company – ‘Inventor, Innovator or Entrepreneur?’