At Moracle, we have been hosting regular, weekly webinars for many months now.

Our ‘Wednesday Webinars’ have proven to be a great success. Every week we invite our staff, clients and associates along to our platform to discuss and debate a wide variety of topical issues.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Moracle believes that such platforms are more important now than ever before. They have enabled us to maintain regular contact with a wide variety of individuals, businesses and charities and provide the opportunity for valuable discussions to take place.

Please find below a list of our most recent speakers who have presented to us on a wide variety of topics.

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13th January 2021: Ewa Adeniji, Health and Allied Initiative Ltd – ‘The Impact of Lockdown on Health and Life Issues’.
16th December 2020: Elli Tanha, Ellitan’s Masterkey Ltd – ‘Opulence: Practical Steps To Bring More Money Into Your Life’. 
9th December 2020: Orvil Plummer, Moracle Ltd – ‘Brexit Transition’
2nd December 2020: Morlai Kargbo, FCCA, Moracle Ltd – ‘Charity Accounts and Audit Update’
25th November 2020: Miriam Obo-Anderson, Moracle Africa – ‘Spotlight Reporting’
18th November 2020: Esther Armah, The Armah Institute of Emotional Justice
11th November 2020: Jeremy Canning, Pro-actions – ‘SME Board Meetings and Governance’
4th November 2020: Lyndsay King, Hourglass Inspiration – ‘The NEW Bullet Proof You’
28th October 2020: Maureen Bailey, Inner Strength Network – ‘Hate Crime and Bystander Training’
21st October 2020: Claudia MacAuley, Camden People First – ‘Disability Confident’
14th October 2020: Raymond Melbourne Davies, Emerging Markets Partners Ltd – ‘Managing Risk and Compliance for SMEs and Charities’
7th October 2020: Dr David Palmer, Mind in Bexley – Mental Health and Wellbeing
30th September 2020: Jeremy Canning,
Pro-actions – ‘Building Resilience –
Coping with Change’
23rd September 2020: Dr Paul Chiy, De Jure Chambers – ‘The Common Legal Pitfalls of SMEs’
16th September 2020: Miriam Obo-Anderson, Moracle Africa – ‘The Advantages of Digital Transformation’
9th September 2020: Elli Tanha, Ellitan’s Masterkey Ltd – Mastermind Quiz
2nd September 2020: Augustine Kargbo, Moracle Ltd – ‘Understanding Business Reports’
26th August 2020: Lyndsay King, Hourglass Inspiration – ‘The Science of Success’
19th August 2020: Harold Deigh, Moracle Ltd – ‘Sustainable Accounting’
12th August 2020: Sharon Critchlow, Discover Your Bounce – ‘How to Build Resilience and Thrive: The Four Elements of Wellbeing’
5th August 2020: Ewa Adeniji, Health and Allied Initiative Ltd – ‘Healthy Professionals: Looking After Your Mind and Body’