Frequently Asked Questions

Making first contact

As you are already browsing our website, the easiest way is to contact us at [email protected] and provide a few basic details so that we can get in touch with you. We will then call you to establish some key facts about the issues you are facing and to arrange an initial meeting.

Who will look after my affairs?

Every client is assigned a client liaison partner who will oversee the provision of services and advice to you. That partner will usually be present at the initial meeting, although you may find you are introduced to additional partners, as your needs may dictate the specialist skills of someone else within Moracle.

How do you charge for your services?

At the outset, we will explain how we charge for our services, and we will, wherever it is possible, pre-quote a fixed fee, or provide you with an estimate of the anticipated costs.

I already have an accountant – does this make a difference?

Yes it does. If you wish to change accountants then it is a simple process, but we do have to follow some professional courtesies which involves us writing to your previous accountant to confirm that there are no professional reasons why we should not act for you. This is generally a formality and your outgoing accountant will usually provide us with any relevant information about your affairs to make the changeover as smooth and as straightforward a process as possible for you.

Do I need any references to become a client?

It is possible that we may ask you to provide references. If you are already in business, we will ask you to let us have a copy of your most recent accounts. Additionally, under current legislation, we are obliged to obtain proof of your identity – this process will be fully explained to you at the initial meeting.