Audit and assurance


Our audit services include: Business Audit, Charity Audit and Internal Audits

As a firm of accountants, a significant part of our business is delivering cost-effective and added value audit services for clients.

Our audit clients range from small but growing private companies to not for profit and private clients. Our not for profit team provides audit services to a variety of not for profit organisations of varying sizes, services and organisational structures.

Our clients benefit from our audit services for the following reasons:

Client centred and experienced partners in Audit

Your audit will always have at least two experience partners, who will provide hands on involvement with the audit team and the audit process during the life of the audit. One will act as the engagement partner the other will be a backup and kept up to date with the audit process and progress. The engagement partner will remain available for discussions/ questions and will be ready to provide advice.

All year long contact

Our contact with you will not just be during your audit period but throughout the year. We recognise that we might be able to be of help in terms of providing advice and assisting with problems or challenges. We welcome contact with you and will schedule regular calls and / or emails with your organisation’s directors and finance team. Rest assured that this contact will all be part of our service to you, and minor matters will not usually incur an additional fee. Your contact will extend from your partners in charge to managers who will work on your audit.

Staff you know

You can rest assured that there will not be unsettling changes in the staff that deal with you and your organisation. We understand that a successful, efficient and quick audit is dependent on staff at Moracle knowing the particulars of your operations and not constantly having to spend time learning about your operations and structures.