Shattering of the glass ceilings preventing most accountants from enjoying quality healthy lifestyles

We are all part of the nature and our survival depend on it. Most accountants are unfortunately unable to enjoy this simple health benefits due to the nature of their jobs; spending most of their times addicted to indoor-activities. This is why sometimes, the lungs, minds and bodies are grasping for air therefore, mutations slowly take place without anyone’s faintest idea. However, this is gradually creating monster of various health conditions and diseases due to the sedentary lifestyles of these professionals. Many have replaced sunlights with artificial lights, free air space with walls, blue sky with ceilings, central heating systems etc…

Moracle Limited and Moracle Foundation in conjunction with Health and Allied Initiative are now working together to create and deliver outstanding presentations, trainings, seminars and one to one consultations for their staff, trainees and associates.

• The main objectives are to reduce the impacts of health issues; such as high blood pressure, stress, backaches, joints and muscles aches etc, associated with the profession.
• Providing daily and weekly health tips and innovative awareness to their staff and associates.
• Organise free presentations and speakers on various topics on how all staff and associates can fully protect themselves with the best supports available for their wellness and wellbeing.

This is a huge step in ensuring individuals attain positive mental attitude in health with sound physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in their profession. This whole initiative is based on the Social Model of Health in accordance to the core value of Public Health England. It exclusively enhances and promotes individuals taking control of their health conditions should there be a need.

To find out more about this initiative, contact Moracle foundation


By: Ewa Adeniji MSc

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