Culture is Key to More Women in the Boardroom

The chief executive of the world’s leading accountancy body says that changing culture is crucial in correcting the under-representation of women on boards and is calling for lasting change to correct anti-female bias at the top of business.

Helen Brand, from ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is calling on businesses to appoint more female directors because it makes sense commercially as well as ethically.

“Of the Forbes 500 list of the world’s biggest companies only 41 have CEOs who are women”, she said. “That’s 8%. That only makes sense if you believe that men are 12-and-a-half times smarter than women; are 12-and-a-half times more talented than women; or work 12-and-a-half times harder than women”.

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Vector illustration of diverse standing cartoon women in office outfits. Isolated on white.

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