Accountancy and Mental Health

With a year of lockdowns under our belt, you might expect that things would get easier. That the more time we spend working from home and minimising social contact, the more we would acclimatise to it. The reality, however, is that the longer the pandemic lingers on, the more many of us seem to be struggling.

While business itself is persevering, last year, a survey by Accounting Web found that more than half (53%) of accountants and bookkeepers’ stress levels had given them serious cause for concern.

It’s clear that some accountants are struggling; a fact which poses a significant problem. The reality is that we need accountants to be on form. They are crucial to the smooth operation of the economy and will play a vital role in rebuilding it after the significant beating that it has taken over the past year. With vaccines now being rolled out and businesses starting to gradually open their doors, accountants will be essential to the nation’s recovery process.

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