ACCA Council Elections

Our Managing Director and Founder of Moracle, Morlai Kargbo FCCA, has this year stood for election to the ACCA Council.

Following the results of this year’s ACCA Council Elections, please read below for Morlai’s reaction:

Thank you to everybody who supported my campaign in this year’s ACCA Council Elections.  

I very much appreciate all the support I have received from my friends, colleagues and associates.  

Firstly, I would like to congratulate all those who have been elected to the ACCA Council and wish them well in their new roles. I would also like to thank the other candidates for their professionalism and camaraderie throughout the campaign. 

Though my bid was unsuccessful on this occasion, I have learnt a lot from the experience and I am committed to building upon this experience going forward.  We at Moracle will continue to provide the best service to our clients and associates, whilst continuing to influence the wider accountancy sector.  

This year’s campaign has also demonstrated to me that there is still much work to be done. I have been struck by the number of first-time voters who have approached me and have lent me their support. This has reminded me how important it is for the ACCA to encourage all of its members to actively engage with the body. Without its members, the ACCA would not be what it is today.  

Once again, thank you all for your kindness and support throughout my campaign. 

See below for Morlai’s election statement:

Dear ACCA Member, 

I would like to kindly request your support by asking for one of your 16 votes in the ongoing ACCA Council Elections. I’m appealing to all fellow ACCA members, please cast your vote and encourage others to do likewise in the 2020 ACCA Global Council Elections and AGM.

You can vote by clicking on the following links: and

Voting closes at 13:00 GMT on 12th November 2020.

I have been a Member of ACCA since 2000, Fellow Member since 2005 and current Member and former Chair of ACCA North London Panel since 2015. I have over twenty years’ experience in both private practice and subsequently in my own accountancy and audit practice since 2008, working across all large and small industry sectors, educational, charities, not-for-profit and new set-up companies in the UK and abroad.  

My contributions at meetings, workshops, training seminars and business events have contributed towards the ambitions of ACCA to develop our global network and connections and promote the ACCA qualifications worldwide. I have mentored over one hundred ACCA graduates and trainees to date, many of whom have completed their full ACCA qualifications and maintained effective working partnership relationships with other members and businesses.

I was awarded the ACCA UK Outstanding Contribution Award in 2019 in recognition of my work to promote the accountancy profession and in particular the ACCA Apprenticeship programme. Following on from this, I have been continuing my work as an active Member of the ACCA North London Panel by contributing towards and supporting the work of ACCA through these challenging times.

It would therefore be an immense privilege and joy to be elected to Council in 2020, to represent you all. I will support the ACCA Council with a strong voice to promote diversity and develop new opportunities for all. I will strive to enable ACCA to navigate through the current COVID-19 climate and look to embrace both the challenges and opportunities that have arisen in light of these unprecedented times.

I am willing and able to continue to serve this global champion – ACCA!

Thank you for your support.